Pakistan’s Top Judge to Hear Asia Bibi’s Final Appeal

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Asia Bibi

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, Pakistan’s top judge, will hear Asia Bibi’s appeal against her death sentence for violating Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy law.


She has been on death row for the last eight years. Several high profile people including Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab were assassinated because they supported a fair trial.

Her lawyer Saif ul Malook has been given special protection. His life is in extreme danger as is the judge’s

There are no shortage of extremists in Pakistan who would be willing to kill the judge, the lawyer and Asia Bibi even if it means their own death. These people are a scourge of the nation and should themselves be exterminated. Sadly they are growing in strength and number because the government are not taking strict enough measures to curb their growth. Instead they use religion as their own political tool.

Her lawyer has reasonable hopes that her charges will be struck down by the Supreme Court.

Bibi was arrested in 2009 for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad. It stemmed from an argument she had with Muslim women while picking berries in their village. The women objected to her drinking water from the same utensils and well they were using. Backward people in Pakistan consider Christians impure.

The Biggest Existential Threat to World Order is still Radical Islam not the Russians

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Donald Trump – The Saviour of Radical Islam

Wars of the modern Internet Age are not won by dropping nuclear bombs. Victories come about by more subtle means. With the world existing on a knife edge it only takes something small to destroy the fabric that allows the free liberal modern lifestyle to flourish. Like the butterfly flapping its wings can create a hurricane on the other side of the world a small band of terrorists can unwind all the gains made in the a hundred years of progressive social reform. It is the ultimate asymmetrical warfare and the radical Islamists are winning.

Their latest coup has been the successful divisions wrought between the west and the Russians and Chinese block. While the cold war has recommenced Islamist of the world rejoice as they seek to rekindle their movements in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Osama Bin Laden has found a champion in an unlikely source, Donald Trump.

Radical Islam
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4 Christians were murdered by ISIS thugs.

Pakistan has become a no-go zone for minorities. Christians are especially copping it bad. In the latest atrocity four members of the Christian minority were murdered during Easter celebrations in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Southwest province Baluchistan.


Let down by his government and security forces, the body of a slain Pakistani Christian.

Let down by his government and security forces, the body of a slain Pakistani Christian. 

This joins a long list of appalling crimes against Christians including false charges of Blasphemy (violating the blasphemy law), bomb blast and massacres by religious extremists.

The Pakistani government is trying to do everything it can to stop the bloodshed including conducting one of the most successful military campaigns Zarb-e-Azab but the extremists keep coming.

Some people believe it is because the cowards had to run away from Syria after getting their noses bloodied in battles with the Kurds.

The point the International Community needs to realise is that this is a battle that we all need to win together. It is a global battle that needs to be fought with unity.

4 Christians Murdered in Pakistan by ISIS