Turkey – The New Pariah State

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The whole world owes the brave Kurdish people an eternal debt of gratitude for being the only fighting force who not only repelled the monsters of ISIS but ultimately defeated them.

In The Blasphemy Law I tried to honour their bravery by making one of the central characters an ex-Peshmerga.

Now we have a new global monster in Erdogan. He has joined the villains of history by launching a shameful attack on the Kurds.


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College Principal – The Latest Victim of Pakistan’s Senseless Blasphemy Laws

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When a verbal insult is elevated to a crime requiring capital punishment it’s not hard to see how to insane, unhinged and murderous sociopaths in the country are able to kill in the name of religion. Pakistan’s attitude to Blasphemy Laws gives free reign to such people. The latest victim a college principal is a victim of such ill-informed policies.